Stress-Free Veterinary Care

Stress-Free Veterinary Care

Our compassion for your farm or companion animal extends beyond their physical wellness to include their emotional well-being too. In fact, plenty of research suggests that animal’s veterinary tests are affected by their peace of mind too! A stressed pet is more likely to produce skewed vitals which are the foundation for critical veterinary treatment decisions. This is why our entire team is trained in low-stress veterinary techniques.

Skip the Wait

We no longer use our waiting room, so your dog or cat can skip the nerve-wracking part of encountering and sitting with other unfamiliar pets. You’ll go straight from the car to a private exam suite where your beloved pet can feel safe and more stress free.

Low-Stress Accommodations

Upon entering our veterinary hospital, our front desk team will greet you and your pet with warmth, soothing low-toned voices, and whatever kind of affection your pet seeks. They are trained to recognize body language and will accommodate their approach if your pet is feeling stressed.

Cat-Only Exam Rooms

Our pet clinic has a treatment room that is exclusively reserved for cats and is infused with pheromones known to help relax them. Our feline patients appreciate having a space that doesn’t smell like their canine adversaries!

Comfort Room

Our comfort room is designated especially for situations that require the utmost comfort and privacy. It includes a loveseat, rug, and dim lights for solitude. This room is a good fit for some of our most nervous patients, as the surroundings mimic the comforts of home.

The Great Outdoors

One thing that really distinguishes our veterinary hospital is the fact that we are nestled on a sizable piece of land that includes a barn where we treat our farm and horse patients. Some of our companion animals feel stressed within the confines of an exam room, and we’re happy to accommodate their unique preferences by seeing them outside in a more spacious setting!


We are strong proponents of pre-medicating our existing clients who struggle with anxiety during veterinary visits. If you are concerned about your pet’s stress level before or during their appointments, we’re here for you! Talk with us about your concerns so we can help make your pet more relaxed.

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